Big Reads for a Winter’s Night

We’ve got some snowy nights ahead, which are perfect for settling in with an epic story. Grab a warm blanket and get comfortable in front of your fireplace (or space heater) with one of these giant, engrossing reads.

Lonesome Dove – Larry McMurtry
In this bittersweet epic tale, a ragtag group attempts a cattle drive in the American frontier of the 1880s, with surprising and sometimes tragic results. The complex, richly-drawn characters and detailed landscapes is great for readers who like to be immersed in another time and place.

The historian – Elizabeth Kostova
A girl discovers a mysterious book belonging to her father, who shares with her the story of his mentor searching for the truth about Dracula. Told from multiple perspectives and through flashbacks, this eerie, gothic thriller is for those readers who like their historical fiction with a bit of bite.

The goldfinch – Donna Tartt
This coming-of-age story follows Theo, a young man who suffers a great tragedy at a young age. His tale is full of humor, misadventure, tragedy, and sadness, told through the author’s lyrical and complex writing. Soon to be released as a motion picture, read this one before you see it in the theaters.

Area X– Jeff VanderMeer
If you like your books to be creepy and uncanny, try this omnibus of the Southern Reach Trilogy. Area X is an unexplored area which strangely affects anyone who crosses its borders. What’s the cause, and can it ever be stopped? A richly imagined world and suspenseful storytelling make this a perfect late-night read for fans of science fiction or horror.

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