Grab a cup of coffee or tea

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down with one of these luscious coffee table books from the Erie County Public Library, sure to elicit oohs and aahs of delight. We call them “Picture Books for Adults.”
The Flower Book by Rachel Siegfried.

Bloom by exquisite bloom, The Flower Book is a gorgeous presentation of flowers for each season of the year. See minute details of each flower up close, thanks to luxurious full-color macrophotography. The book also features quick-reference profiles and sample flower arrangements.

Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates, the Backbone of Life by Susan Middleton.

Renowned photographer Middleton combines art and science by exploring the mysterious world of marine invertebrates. Each fragile creature, from jellyfish to octopuses and plankton to flatworms, is captured by the camera. The images are full of life and movement, made all the more stunning by the stark black or white background.

American Muscle Cars by Darwin Holmstrom

Holmstrom’s book is a “full-throttle history” of America’s love affair with muscle cars, from the street-racing hot rod of the 1960s to the new breed of muscle cars that Detroit is rolling out today. Beautiful photographs highlight these classic vehicles in this book to savor, one high performance vehicle at a time.

National Geographic Night Vision: Magical Photographs of Life After Dark.

This dazzling book celebrates the artistry and elegance of the world after dark. Starlit skies, vibrant city lights, nocturnal animals caught by infrared cameras, glorious festivals, flowers that bloom only at night – these are just some of the marvelous nighttime scenes in this title by the distinguished National Geographic Society.

Rover [Wagmore edition] by Andrew Grant

Rover is a collection of stunning dog portraits, with each dog seeming to gaze directly into the reader’s eyes. All dogs were shelter dogs or rescues at one time. A contribution to an organization for neglected and abused dogs is made for every copy sold.