Donation Policy

Due to the quantity of items being returned and the need to quarantine all incoming materials, we are unable to accept donations at this time. Please do not use book drops to donate materials as we cannot process them while adhering to health and safety standards. We look forward to being able to accept donations in the future and will update our website at that time.

Gifts of books and other materials are accepted without commitments as to final disposition and with the understanding that they are not necessarily to be added to the collection. The same criteria used for the selection of all other materials will be used in evaluating gift materials. The library retains unconditional ownership of the gift and reserves the right to decide the conditions of display, housing, retention, and access to the materials. Materials not used by the library are given to the Friends of the Erie County Public Library.

The Library does not appraise books or other materials for income tax purposes. Upon request, the Library will provide the donor with a written acknowledgment of the number items received.

Direct gifts of books and other materials as memorials or honor books are no longer accepted, due to space and staff limitations, however we do urge people to consider contributing instead to the Erie Regional Library Honorarium Fund.