Public Display Cases

584 Public Display Cases in the Library


EFFECTIVE DATE: August 18, 2022


The Erie County Public Library (the Library) maintains several display areas at its locations to provide cultural, educational, and local interest opportunities to library patrons.

The Library is strictly a non-partisan organization. Neither it nor its staff will advocate for or promote any organization, institution, or any particular side of an issue; however, in its role as an informational institution, every effort will be made to offer a variety of displays. Display space, when available, will be provided for individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies (exhibitors) to create exhibits. The display of such material in no way constitutes an endorsement by the Library or County of Erie. The Library reserves the exclusive and sole right to approve displays. Displays are not intended for the sole purpose of advertising, soliciting sales, or marketing items or services. No items will be sold directly from displays.

Exhibitors interested in providing a display in one of the reserved display spaces may submit an application. All interest forms will be reviewed by the Library’s display committee for space availability, local interest, content appropriateness, and topical diversity. We do not guarantee availability of display space and, regretfully, cannot accommodate all display space requests.

  • Displays are in areas open to the public and viewable by individuals of all ages, including children. Material provided for display must be appropriate for viewing by all ages. Displays may not include anything illegal, obscene, or harmful (i.e. toxic items, moldy items, etc.). The Library reserves the right to reject any display in whole or in part.
  • Due to the limited amount of space and a commitment to provide a variety of displays, the Library is unable to reserve recurring reservations for particular displays. Exhibitors may submit multiple proposals but no guarantee of recurring slots shall be given.
  • Displays are typically booked for one-month increments. The Library reserves the right to determine display time lengths.
  • All display set up and removal is the responsibility of the exhibitor. The Library is unable to provide professional set up or removal assistance and is not responsible for any time or expense required for set up and removal. All set up and removal must take place during regular library open hoursand shall be completed in no more than 2 business days, to be included in the total display reservation period.
  • The Library is unable to provide storage for materials before or after the display period. Any display materials unclaimed by the exhibitor at the end of the agreed upon display period may be removed by the Library.
  • The Library is not responsible for any damage or loss of material provided for the display. Exhibitors shall sign a liability release to the Library when completing the display contract.
  • Displays cannot be accepted that promote any commercial entity or product, that endorse any political candidate or issue, or that are fundraisers benefiting any organization other than the Library, Erie Regional Library Foundation, or the Friends of the Erie County Library.