Newsletters Spotlight: Ben’s Barrels

Ben Primis is a multitalented man – from inventor and CEO of Ben’s Barrels to musician, motivational speaker, award-winning artist, and of course, library patron. For those who aren’t familiar with the Ben’s Barrels brand, the Erie-based company sells handcrafted BBQ grills manufactured from USDA food grade approved steel drums, complete with aerodynamic, laser cut […]

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The Many Aspects of Minerva

Minerva was busy in Roman times overseeing many aspects of life and culture. Our Adult Services Department has picked titles in each of her patron areas – read on to learn more about these books! Wisdom – Life’s Journeys according to Mister Rogers by Fred Rogers and introduced by Joanne Rogers This book can be […]

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Fun and Feel Good Romances

Romance novels get a bad rap, but there is something about curling up on the couch when it is snowy and cold, getting involved in the lives of two people that will get together at the end. The book version of a romantic comedy, romances come in all flavors. Contemporary, historical, sci-fi, fantasy – the […]

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Our Favorite Things 2019

Staff Spotlight – Our Favorite Things 2019 What was your favorite thing you checked out in 2019? Our management team has shared some of the titles they’ve enjoyed from this past year.   In 2019 I have had the opportunity to listen to many awesome audiobooks through Overdrive, books on CD and books on Playaway. […]

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The Many Sides of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means something different for all of us. Some anticipate cooking the meal, although most just want to eat it. For others, the hassle of traveling during such a busy time can be either frustrating or a comedy of errors that will lead to family stories for decades to come. Some people love the togetherness […]

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Middle Grade Horror for Future (and Current) Stephen King Fans

Does your young reader love books that go bump in the night? They’re not alone. Many children enjoy scary stories and the outlet they provide. Hand these books to mature trick-or-treaters with a true taste for the macabre—or keep them for yourself, but consider leaving the hall light on.   Small Spaces by Katherine Arden […]

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