Teen Recommendations

Our new Teen Space at Blasco Library is opening on [insert date]! Celebrate this new, innovative space by checking out a book recommended by local teens.

Love and first sight – Josh Sunquist
This book tells the story of a blind boy who falls in love with a girl but doesn’t know what she really looks like. The characters are interesting and unique and has a happy and realistic ending. – K.C.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
The main character shows the struggle of having to maintain her internet life with her social life. The characters seemed real and interesting. This is a good book that has a great story. – E.L.

Before she ignites – Jodi Meadows
I like this book because I LOVE fantasy. This story has a cool island setting and relatable characters, oh, and dragons. It was a fun read and I’m excited for the next installment! If you’re into fantasy, read this book right now! – E.T.

Famous last words – Katie Alender
It is a good spooky murder mystery for those who enjoy less violent descriptions. It’s nice if you’re looking for a book where you can discover the murderer with the character. – L.B.

The Lunar Chronicles Series – Marissa Meyer
I loved this series. It was funny, romantic, sad, and bittersweet all at once. There was a lot of action in it. The first book is called Cinder, and I could not put it down. It definitely makes you smile, laugh, and shed a few tears. – L.V.