Time Stories

It’s a new year…or is it? The characters in these stories experience time in unusual ways. If you enjoy the puzzle of reading a time-bending story, or would like to give one a try, here’s some great titles from the library to get you started.

When you reach me – Rebecca Stead
Miranda, a twelve-year-old in 1978 New York City, begins receiving cryptic notes about things in her life that haven’t yet happened. During her sixth grade year, she’ll help her mother prepare for an appearance on $20,000 Pyramid, lose a lifelong friendship, and encounter a homeless man near her building; these three things will converge in an unusual way. The perfect introduction to stories that play with the notion of time, this Newbery-award winner is great for young and young-at-heart readers.
The 7 ½ deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton
Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered at 11 pm during a weekend party at her family’s estate, and Aiden Bishop is tasked with solving the crime. This is no straightforward detective story, though, as every day Aiden wakes up as a different party guest and must live out the day of Evelyn’s death until he solves the crime. This is an homage to the classic whodunit with a sci-fi twist.
Life after life – Kate Atkinson
What are the small events that change the course of a person’s life? In this book, Ursula Todd is born again and again, always in 1910 to the same family, but with minor changes that lead to big differences. Although each life she experiences is different than the one before, Ursula’s spirit always remains true. A thought-provoking story with richly-developed characters and a good mix of humor and drama.
Shining Girls – Lauren Beukes
Serial killer Harper Curtis discovers a time travel portal and takes advantage of this by committing crimes across decades. But one of his intended victims survives, and she’s determined to find her attacker – whenever in time he may be. A dark, suspenseful tale for supernatural thriller fans.
The gone world – Tom Sweterlitsch
NCIS Special Agent Shannon Moss specializes in investigations that require travelling through time and space. As she investigates what happened to the missing crew of a spacecraft, she discovers that the events are linked to a conspiracy theory that may lead to a large-scale catastrophic event. The plot is complex and suspenseful, and the writing is wonderfully atmospheric and foreboding.